Learn About Flipping Luxury Homes – Great Real Estate Technique for Slow Market

Most people who wish to earn money from land and property believe in the idea that property does not help in making a good earning. And since the overall economy of the country is going through a difficult period at present, it has become more apparent that the people who are even thinking of earning this way, will discard the thought of earning money from selling land and property. But the true fact remains is that, one who is willing to earn money, may consider selling luxury homes that actually turns out to be quite profitable.

New homes, which fall within the luxury category, are generally priced at a low of two hundred and twenty five thousand US dollars. The price goes up according to the type and facilities provided. While a person decide on selling out a used luxury home, he can avail it at around fifty percent of the actual cost or even lesser. So, you may use this as a tool to sell the home. It may sound like a fantastic offer but there are some factors which needs to be taken care of while selling a used house.


It is a fact that not many buyers get interested in buying a used home. So, the number of buyers will be less. And people who are interested in buying a used home will bargain quite hard to get the lowest and the best price for buying it. So if you are ready to settle for a bargained deal for the house then it will turn out to be worthwhile. These can be treated as some of the hindrances that one may come across while selling a used luxury home. However, one may try out the online websites of real estate that enables a person to earn a good profit through selling luxury homes over the Internet.


People, who are interested in earning fast cash or instant money, may try out the option that I availed. If you are currently involved, or wanted to break in to, real estate investing then this may be the best option for you; especially if you are taking hard financial losses in the slow real estate market of today.


Flipping luxury homes is one of the few remaining highly profitable forms of real estate investment in this current climate. If you are serious about drastically improving your principal investment then luxury homes deserve another, closer, look.

Tips on Selling Your Home in a Tough Market

The housing market is very competitive these days. There are an abundance of homes on the market, and lending standards are getting tighter. As a result, home prices are declining. So how can you best sell your home in this market?

Aside from getting a knowledgeable real estate agent to assist you with the transaction, here are some other guidelines to help you sell your property-fast.


Price your property right the first time. Many sellers still think they can reap the same profits they would have two years ago, when the real estate market was at its prime. This is just not true in today’s market. With so many homes currently on the market, buyers can-and will-shop around for the best deal. Setting a high price tag on your home is just another way to keep it on the market longer.


To sell your home in a decent time frame, research what homes in your area have recently sold for. The more recent the sales, the better, since housing prices are constantly fluctuating. By setting a competitive price at the onset of your sale, you increase the chances of selling your home more quickly. This method is more effective than setting an initially high price and then reducing the price of the home at a later date. By the time the price is reduced, potential buyers will no longer be interested in your home and may have already secured a great deal elsewhere.


Get a pre-inspection. Before putting your house on the market, have it inspected by a professional to determine what issues are noted with the home. Be proactive by making necessary repairs before listing your property for sale. While it is always a good idea to repair obvious maintenance issues, sprucing up your home by making cosmetic adjustments is a big plus with buyers as well. Examples of cosmetic changes include refinishing a wood floor or touching up the paint around the house.


Have the pre-inspection report available for serious buyers, as well as evidence that the repairs have been made. By doing this, the potential buyer will be impressed at the seller’s initiative in selling the home and be comfortable knowing that the home is in great condition and that the buyer won’t have to spend much money on repairing the home after they move in. This will ultimately lead to a smoother selling process.


Stage your property. Staging a home is all about dressing your house for sale-similar to wearing a nice business suit to a job interview. If two candidates for a job both have the same skills, qualifications, etc, but one candidate is wearing a professional, fitted black suit while the other has on a t-shirt and jeans, which candidate do you think will get hired?


Staging makes your house look larger, brighter, cleaner, and warmer. Best of all, it makes buyers want to buy your home. An important part of staging is to make sure every room is presented for its intended purpose. For example, if the home has three bedrooms, make sure the right furniture and accessories are in there to make them look like comfortable, cozy bedrooms as opposed to, say, a storage room. It is also very important to de-personalize your home-remove photos of your family and take down the kids’ artwork from the refrigerator.


If you don’t have the skills necessary to make the property look as appealing as you’d like it to be, hire a professional stager to do the job for you.


Get creative in your marketing. To successfully sell your home, you must effectively advertise your property. Think outside the box-getting exposure is the only way you will find a buyer. Many sellers are now advertising their homes for sale on websites such as Craigslist.org, which has thousands of visitors each month. Other sellers are doing things such as holding twilight open houses-offering visitors access to the home during weeknights or evenings, as opposed to the traditional weekend time slots. Unconventional methods of marketing may be just the way your home will get sold.


Offer buyer incentives. Possible incentives for buyers include seller-paid closing costs (limited to the amount the lender will allow), new or slightly used appliances included with the sale of the home, or even a gift card to a home improvement or home décor store.


This is the final tip because buyer incentives should be the last thing you have to do to make your property more appealing. Assuming that you have effectively implemented all the tips listed above, the incentives should just be icing on the cake, as the buyers will already be in love with your home.


Tips for Selling a Home in a Poor Real Estate Market


We all know that the real estate market in America is very poor right now. This does not mean that it is impossible to sell your home. There are some important tips that you need to learn in order to more quickly sell your home in this slow real estate climate.

If you’re looking to simply sell your home quickly, which is growing more and more difficult every day due to an ever-growing buildup of homes on the market, one option stands above all the rest. The quickest way that you could sell your home right now is to find a real estate investor or realty investment company who buys homes directly from homeowners. The only downside here is that they are looking to flip your house for a profit and therefore you will not get the maximum potential price for your home. In certain situations, such as a divorce or pending foreclosure, where you absolutely need to sell your house now instead of waiting months this may be your only option.


The recent economic downturn is also a very probable reason for you to need to sell your home right now instead of battling against an impossible market for many months. With this poor economy many peoples only choice is relocation, while it will be much easier to purchase a new home traditional methods of selling your existing home simply do not work.


You should seek out the local home buyer as soon as possible. In every major real estate market in the country there is a big power player that is willing to buy your home almost immediately. Not all of these are realtors who are looking to rip you off, sometimes they can turn a heavy profit and still give you a good price because they have future development plans which makes your property more valuable to them than in other home buyer. You really have nothing to lose and consulting one of these companies. They will come out and provided no obligation, totally free and confidential, assessment of your property and home. Another advantage of using one of these companies is that you do not have to deal with traditional closing costs and realtors taking a percentage out of your sale. This in itself can often come very close to offsetting the reduced price that you may receive.


I highly suggest that you would least seek an appraisal from your local home buyer. If you need to move your home quickly this may be your only option in our current poor real estate market.

Making Money on Vacant Real Estate Properties: Part II


In Part I of my article “Making Money on Vacant Real Estate Properties”, I discussed how you could find vacant real estate properties, gather valuable information, and then negotiate a good price. In Part II of my article, I discuss how you can best close the sale on your vacant property, successfully refurbish it, and then either sell or rent it.



Buying a real estate property for income generation is not like buying the house in which you live. There are several issues to consider, namely, cost of ownership, profit potential, and taxes.


Consider that, unlike the home in which you live, your income-generator is going to stand vacant for some time until it is fixed up and ready to either rent or sell. Those months of vacancy are going to cost you money in terms of mortgage, utility, insurance, and tax payments. Therefore, you don’t want to get a house where the repairs are so extensive that it takes years for the house to become saleable. Likewise, you don’t want to buy a house if you cannot afford to spend a significant amount of time on its repair.


Another thing to consider is how you plan to pay for the property. Unless you have cash on hand, you will need to refinance your current home or obtain a bank loan. While interest rates are low at the moment, banks have become leery of lending to people with less than stellar credit. Consider your credit history and your current ability to pay interest on a loan that might span a year or more- will you still be able to make the payments in the event of possible sickness or unemployment?


Many new real estate investors get in a lot of trouble when it comes time to estimate the profit potential of the purchased property. Vacant properties have been kept in a state of abandonment and disrepair, and even a generous estimate of rehabilitation costs may not account for the surprise discovery of extensive required repairs. This is why you need a profit window of at least 40% (some say 65%) when calculating the ARV (after repair value) of the property minus its repair, purchase, closing, mortgage, and other costs. Any smaller of a profit window could mean that you will walk away from the sale of your property completely even (or in debt).


Finally, take into account the amount in taxes that you will be charged for the future sale of the house. Depending on the state or province in which you live and where the house is sold, you will be charged a certain amount of capital gains tax. If you decide to “flip” your property (buying and selling a property in less than a year), capital gains taxes may be even higher. Some real estate investors work around this issue by forming a limited liability company (LLC) and charging their costs and taxes to the company. This usually reduces their tax liability if profits remain below a certain threshold.




Vacant real estate properties will typically require up to $20,000 in repairs before becoming saleable. Costs of refurbishment may grow even higher if you hire out contractors and/or repair personnel. There are also permit costs, insurance costs, and inspection costs.


Should you do the repairs yourself or hire someone? There are pros and cons to either decision. If you can do your own repairs, you obviously save money on labor. However, if you don’t fix something according to code, you will ensure major problems down the road. Also, if you have a day job and can only perform repairs at night and on weekends, your refurbishment project will drag on for months (or even years).


Hiring outside repair personnel or contractors ensures a professional job that is performed within code specifications. Even though you pay for the labor and need to ensure that the people hired are doing a good job, the job itself is done in a lot less time than it would take you. This means that you can sell your property quicker and move on towards your next deal.


It is best if the people you hire have been personally recommended by another real estate investor and rehabilitator. If not, first give them a small job and see how they do. If they do well, you can assign them to bigger tasks. If they do not perform the job satisfactorily, show them the door.


If you can afford it, hire licensed plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. Licensed professionals have worked hard to obtain their licenses and are therefore less likely to do shoddy work. They are more likely to be honest in their estimates and purchases, saving you the worry of being ripped off. Also, licensed professionals are more likely to be up to date on what jobs require a permit, an inspection, or additional rehabilitation.


You will need to decide how to pay your repair and contract personnel. It is advised that you use the “milestone” method of payment rather than a weekly rate of X dollars. This means that your crew will get paid an agreed upon amount of money only when the bathroom is officially finished, then when the kitchen is officially finished, and so on. Weekly payment is not advised because crews will be expecting payment even if they get behind on their work.


It is imperative that when hiring repair or contract personnel you stop by on a daily basis to inspect the work. Don’t rely on their word or on a third party like a neighbor or friend. You are paying your people your hard-earned money; make sure they are also working hard to earn it.


Refurbishment of a property requires supplies as well as labor. You can pay your repair or contract personnel a bit extra so that they help you find the needed supplies or you can buy the supplies yourself. Depending on how much you trust your personnel, you may just give them gift cards to home improvements stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s, asking that they give you all the receipts.


Don’t try to sneak around the city and eschew obtaining work permits. This is especially important if you are planning on doing any kind of work on the property’s structure, roof, electrical system, plumbing, and in some areas, windows. Some of the work you may be able to do on your own on the weekends, thus avoiding the need for permits, but you will be playing a cat and mouse game with the city. Furthermore, how will you justify the property changes when the home inspector comes by to assess your property at the sale?


Obtaining work permits is also imperative so that you avoid lawsuits in the future. If one of your refurbished properties has a personal injury, fire, or some other calamity, you may become liable for damages. Also, a disgruntled buyer may decide to sue you on the claim of shoddy work because you did your refurbishing without obtaining any city permits. It is best that you protect yourself by all means necessary, and that includes obtaining permits for the work performed.




As news spreads of the real estate property being refurbished, you will start getting calls and visits from interested buyers. Don’t show the property to anyone until the work is at least 95% finished. Most home buyers do not have the imagination to make the leap from the ugly, gutted property standing in front of them to the newly finished home in which they would want to live. However, it doesn’t hurt to get the names and numbers of interested parties. By lining up potential buyers now, you will be able to sell your finished property that much faster once everything is finished.


Once you are ready to show your remodeled property, it is your call whether or not you want to work with a realtor. Most realtors charge 6% for selling a property. You can accept that percentage or you can negotiate for a lower percentage- say, 3%. If the realtor has a problem with the 3% commission, you can meet him/her halfway by paying a listing service to place the house on the MLS (multiple listing service). Most realtors will take the lower commission, though- after all, 3% of something is still better than 6% of nothing.


Don’t be afraid to set your own terms for the sale. State in your contract that a “qualified buyer” means a buyer who has had the underwriter already approve him/her for a loan. Give a specific window of time for the house closing, such as 30-45 days. If the buyer is using a mortgage broker, speak with that individual personally and tell him/her that if the buyer is not approved for a loan within a certain amount of time, you reserve the right to replace the buyer’s mortgage broker with your own. That will provide the mortgage broker with additional incentive to make sure the property sale occurs as quickly as possible.


Alternatively, you may want to rent out the property for a while. In such a case, it is a good idea to have a renter’s contract printed and signed before letting someone into your newly refurbished home. If you are just starting out with renting and renters, hire a lawyer to iron out details like the deposit amount, eviction conditions, and so on. Don’t forget to ask prospective renters for (preferably three) references; a renter with a good rental history should have no problem finding ex-landlords to vouch for him/her.




Vacant real estate properties can be a great source of profit. It pays to keep certain costs in mind, though, like taxes, permits, and mortgages. Be firm in your negotiations, conduct your affairs legally, and don’t forget to keep the bottom line in the picture. With sufficient time and practice, vacant property investment and rehabilitation may even become your main career focus.

Stockton, California Real Estate


Stockton is a city in California. It is the seat of San Joaquin County (the fifth largest agricultural county in US. The population of Stockton was found to be 289,927 in 2008 January. Stockton is the fifth largest city in California. Stockton is located about 90 miles from San Francisco bay. Over the past decade Stockton has seen a population boom. This influx of new residents leads to an increase in living standard and also living cost.

As far as real estate in Stockton is concerned, it is booming. Really you can find all kinds of real estate. However I must tell you that number of foreclosure property in Stockton is very high. In fact you will find more foreclosure deals those simple homes for sale. I will provide with stats as well. The number of house for sale in Stockton is 930 whereas the number of foreclosure is about 9000.


Although the main occupation of Stockton is agriculture but other fields like telecommunication and manufacturing is also very. Stockton is a unique destination which is near to cities like San Francisco as well s Sacramento. Stockton is really looking as a hot destination for those who are looking to expand their industries.


Hence you will really find that Stockton is a great destination for all type of real estate investors. Real estate agents as well as realtors are present in plenty and you will not find any difficulty in finding any real estate agents or realtors of your choice. It’s really great to experience countryside environment and you will really get it in Stockton.


I must tell you that you will be really happy and enthusiastic when you will find the Stockton real estate a great destination for whatever you like. It is a common experience that you will find a great number of real estate foreclosure deals in Stockton. In fact you will be surprised to note that number of foreclosure is very high. I would really insist the victims to go for the short sale. But I must also admit that its great if you are a real estate investors and you can buy a lots of real estate foreclosure properties. Off coarse you will be able to earn a large amount of money. I also hope that you will also be interesting in settling in Stockton. It’s really a great place to live and you will really find all kinds of houses in Stockton. You will find condos, lakefront condos, apartments, single family home and many more.


It’s great to be in Stockton. Of course you will find the vegetables very cheap in Stockton. Not only vegetables you will be able to find employment as well.

What is Pre-Construction Real Estate?

Pre-construction real estate is the property which is sold by the builder to the investors after the planning is complete but the construction yet to take place. Actually suppose a builder buy a land in Florida. Let’s suppose that they want to build 200 condos on that land. Let’s suppose that he goes for finance from any of the bank. Its quiet sure that bank will ask him/her to sell some condos before construction. He will then only get the loan if he sells some of the condos. These types of properties are called pre construction real estates. Pre construction real estate can earn you millions of rupees for both investors and builders. However it has some pros as well as cons.

Let’s suppose that a builder buys a land. He decides to build 100 condos over it. He will definitely ask for loans from bank. Bank will tell him to sell some before taking loan. Suppose the cost of each condo is $300000. The builders call for some investors and give them the offer to sell a condo at $270000. He also asks to pay $10k advance as a registration fee. This fee is refundable. The builder goes to the bank and gets its loan finalized.


The builder can then ask more investors for the similar deal. Once the deal is finalized, he asks them to deposit 10% more which is non refundable. You pay that amount and the developer starts building condos. You now wait for the condos to finish. Suppose the deadline is 12 months. After twelve months, suppose the price of the condo increases by 10 %. As a result the actual value of condo is increased to $330000 from $300000. After finishing you give the condo on rent. You see that the price of the condo sees a yearly increment of 5%. Now you decide to sell the condo. You find out that you have earned around $97000 as profit on condo.


Types of incentive offered by developer to investors:


Following are some types of incentives:


1.Below market value price.


2.Cash back after closing.


3.Free upgrades.


4.No properties taxes for two years and so on.


Pre construction increases the effort of the investor but the fruit is so sweet that every one is ready. Pre construction is fruitful both for developer and investors. You are required to do some homework but you will really appreciate for what you will get in return. Pre construction is the headache of the developers. You are only required to buy it. These ways both of you are benefitted. Developers get their loan sanctioned where as the investors earns a profit without much effort.

Real Estate Guidance Classes


Real estate is one of the most interesting careers which you will have ever come across. You should expect the great profit as far as the real estate are concerned. Either it is the foreclosure deal or wholesaling deal, you will end up with profit and nothing else. However if you have ever dealt with the real estate property then you would have realized that you have not earned the full profit. You would have also realized that sometimes you might have given more money for purchase. This is really very common and hints to only one direction and that is, you should have proper knowledge in order to succeed in the field of real estate.

There are many courses which you can pursue so that you can increase your knowledge. You can really go for these courses. I will list some of the courses which can be fruitful for you so that you can increase your knowledge:


  1. Foreclosing investing:


You can go for some course which helps you learn the art of investing in foreclosure properties. You will really find it useful and you will be taught all the tricks. For example, you will be taught in which foreclosing properties you should not invest.


  1. Commercial properties:


Buying a commercial property is very different from that of housing property. Commercial properties require much large amount of money. On most of the occasion you will have to go for loan. The loaning rules in case of commercial properties are very different. You will be taught in the course that how should you manage the loan and overall process of buying and selling commercial properties. You will also be taught how to build a new commercial estate with help of loans and how to sell it.


  1. Asset protection:


You should know how to safeguard the asset. You will be taught how to safeguard the wealth and how to succeed.


  1. As far as investing is concerned you can look for following courses:


  1. How to build a fortune.


  1. The way to wealth


  1. Wealth builder action plan


  1. How to safeguard wealth.


  1. The real estate investor plans:


You will be taught about what are the things which one should have while investing in real estate. You will feel really great even while investing if you complete courses like this. I really recommend you to go for it. the most important part of any real estate deal is investment I tell you that you don’t go for any course but make sure that you do at least one course in investment.


Real estate deal is not a joke and you should feel that it is must for you to have a good knowledge if you want to succeed in the field of real estate.

Understand Chicago Real Estate Market


Chicago real estate is not a terror. The functioning in Chicago real estate is same as other states and cities with a slight difference.

Chicago real estate market:


It is similar with others. There a bunch of real estate agents, lawyers and realtors. At present there are 18,397 houses for sale. The average price is $319,000. There are around four new homes. Their average cost is $889,000.forforclosure there around 15000 houses. Their average rate is$ 200,000.


As far as mortgage rates are concerned they are:


Mortgage type interest


15 years fixed


30 year fixed


1 year ARM


3/1year ARM 6.195%








A good credit score is above 700.


Selling procedure:


The selling procedure requires the fixing of the actual cost of the property. You should make sure that the house is appealing and in good condition. You should make sure whether some repairing is required or not. If any repairing is required you should make sure that it is completed.


Buying process:


One should make sure that his credit limit is at least over 700. It might be possible that you might require a loan. And you should be ready to have it.


Real estate agent is common to both. In all cases his/her presence means comfort. They are professionals.


Housing prices are going on reducing. According to the survey organized by OHFEO the price are reducing. However the rate is a bit les in Chicago land.


It’s believed that we have reached the bottom but it’s not really the case. Most of the gain was in the apartment building and not singe family house.


In 2007 the market in Chicago has not fallen but it was a bit slow. According to the survey conducted the first three month of 2007 saw the reduction in the condo rate from 46% to 47%. Some of the luxurious hotels are about to be completed in 2008 and investors have shown their interest in it.


There is an awesome deal for you there is one program which will win you a thirty year fixed mortgage. 4% of the amount will be required to use for down payment and condominium. You should check out for this program as soon as possible. This can be huge for any buyer.


Chicago is big market and it’s a boom for both sellers and buyers. You can hire very experienced real estate agents. In fagot the exam which the real estate agent has to pass is very tough. You will really get high quality real estate agents. According to the survey conducted only 5 % of the deals in Chicago have been affected by forgery. It’s really a safe place to invest.


How to Find Foreclosures and Reap the Benefits of Great Deals


By now you have undoubtedly heard of the great deals to be had in buying foreclosed homes.

Whether you are buying a foreclosure for your own home or you plan fixing it up and reselling for a healthy profit, there are a few things you should do before investing your time and money. To be successful in foreclosure investing you need to be prepared for anything, so research is key. You need to learn as much as possible about the type of market you are entering, the rules and regulations, what types of homes you are buying and when and how to fix them up for profitable resale.


The basic process in foreclosure investing is to purchase the home from the foreclosing bank, perform any maintenance or renovation that the home needs and then sell the home for more than you invested into it, making sure to include all of your costs. While foreclosure investing is fairly straightforward, you do need to informed to make the best decisions and deals. The Internet is an excellent place to begin your research. If you are a home buyer, not an investor, research is especially important since you are looking for your perfect home.


There are many resources available that to use search technology to provide foreclosure listings across the United States. Not only does they list foreclosures, but also pre-foreclosures, sheriff’s sales, bankruptcies, for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) and tax liens. The ability to single out specific listing types or you can use the power search features to bring up all kinds of sales in your area. Combined advanced search options can personally tailor the foreclosure listing results by the number of rooms and baths, minimum or maximum price, and you can even look only for listings that have photos.


Quick Tips/Checklist:


-Do research on the Internet on the foreclosure, target area, time, date and amount willing in the foreclosure comparison finding process.


-Verify if there any liens on the home you are inquiring.


-Take a tour the foreclosing home with an expert.


-Verify if the home has a broker representative.


-Employ an agent that has experience in purchasing foreclosures.


Benefits of Foreclosure Investing:


-The ability to purchase a foreclosed home at at any time during the foreclosure process.


-Save thousands on your real estate purchase through the active seller.


-Buying a foreclosure for far below market value.


-By purchasing and investing in a foreclosed property can help the homeowner in bankruptcy or bad credit situation.


-For the investor to have the ability to purchase the property in full or in great means for the possible normal market down payment of a real estate investment for later resale at full market value with high profit margins.


Real Estate-Investment Tips


Real estate investment is a tricky job. Investors who are supposed to be successful have the follow things in common:

  1. Power to calculate the exact value of the real estate.


  1. Experience the pitfalls of the real estate market.


  1. Have patience.


Real estate is a great business. Some tips related to real estate investment are;


  1. Identify the exact rent and cost of the property: the most appropriate way of identifying the exact rent and cost of the property is to look after the cost and rent of the neighboring houses.


  1. Get specialized in any one of the branches. There are lots to branches in real estate. Some of them are: small apartments, condominium, foreclosures, starter homes and so on.


  1. You should know about the financial statement related to the property. You should know what the loan amount is, down payment etc. these are compulsory to be kept in mind before solid investment.


  1. You should know the details of the tenant. You should know what are their proper histories? You should keep them on rent only after this.


  1. You should frequently check with your accountants about the taxes. You should be in touch of experienced accountants for better tax details.


Investment in real estate is similar to that in stocks. How ever the risk factor is low as far as real estate is concerned.


Let us consider the marketing of real estate. There are many mistakes which an investor commits:


  1. Most of the investors lack in marketing strategy.


  1. Some ways will always be better than others. Go for the best one and don’t stick on one.


  1. Most are found to cross the budget which they fix in the beginning


and many more.


One should always look for the ways which will be fruitful as far as taxes are concerned. Some more tips are:


  1. Look for the cheap real estates.


  1. Go for foreclosure. It really profitable.


  1. Be extra cautious while hiring real estate agents.


  1. If you have guts then go for the disputed properties.


  1. You can opt for wholesaling. This way you will be able to earn lots of profit.


  1. Always bargain before investing in any property.


  1. Go for the best.


  1. Have patience.


  1. Hire good real agents


  1. Give proper time for finding the appropriate real estate to invest in.


Real estate requires extra caution. If you are cautious enough you can be great while investing in real estate.