Zhenya Zoning Real Estate Issues Earnings Warning

For SLReports.net

Zhenya Zoning Real Estate (ZEN : SLCAPEX) CEO Ashleigh Wade issued a press release yesterday stating, in part, that ZEN(SLCAPEX) was providing a warning that the firm may not make profits in December.

“We want to issue a precautionary warning regarding our financial trending for this month,” Wade said in the press release, “It looks like we will be right at break even or a bit shy of it. Not a huge shocker considering that we are a SL Estate Company and three months into a transition that included a floor to ceiling re-organization and development. You should know, however, our sales force is out there going gangbusters to fill our seven open parcels and things could turn out well. “

ZEN(SLCAPEX) also has a sale going on which Wade promoted, stating, “We have parcels available and we are selling them for nothing but two weeks tier up front (pay the land and we will set your box and notify you). We want you to have a little ZEN in your life. If you are in the market for a community of great people who are diverse, active, love to explore and share then you should check us out. From ZEN Fifth Avenue in Tamaqua to ZEN Live! in Tuscarora to the peace of Blue Mountain and picturesque scenery of Panther Valley we have a little bit of everything.”

ZEN(SLCAPEX) has been trading between L$1.20 and L$1.40 for the last ten days on an average volume of just over 3100 shares. ZEN(SLCAPEX) has a 2-Star Luminos Dividend Rating, with a 6DYA of L$0.0037.