How to Find Foreclosures and Reap the Benefits of Great Deals


By now you have undoubtedly heard of the great deals to be had in buying foreclosed homes.

Whether you are buying a foreclosure for your own home or you plan fixing it up and reselling for a healthy profit, there are a few things you should do before investing your time and money. To be successful in foreclosure investing you need to be prepared for anything, so research is key. You need to learn as much as possible about the type of market you are entering, the rules and regulations, what types of homes you are buying and when and how to fix them up for profitable resale.


The basic process in foreclosure investing is to purchase the home from the foreclosing bank, perform any maintenance or renovation that the home needs and then sell the home for more than you invested into it, making sure to include all of your costs. While foreclosure investing is fairly straightforward, you do need to informed to make the best decisions and deals. The Internet is an excellent place to begin your research. If you are a home buyer, not an investor, research is especially important since you are looking for your perfect home.


There are many resources available that to use search technology to provide foreclosure listings across the United States. Not only does they list foreclosures, but also pre-foreclosures, sheriff’s sales, bankruptcies, for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) and tax liens. The ability to single out specific listing types or you can use the power search features to bring up all kinds of sales in your area. Combined advanced search options can personally tailor the foreclosure listing results by the number of rooms and baths, minimum or maximum price, and you can even look only for listings that have photos.


Quick Tips/Checklist:


-Do research on the Internet on the foreclosure, target area, time, date and amount willing in the foreclosure comparison finding process.


-Verify if there any liens on the home you are inquiring.


-Take a tour the foreclosing home with an expert.


-Verify if the home has a broker representative.


-Employ an agent that has experience in purchasing foreclosures.


Benefits of Foreclosure Investing:


-The ability to purchase a foreclosed home at at any time during the foreclosure process.


-Save thousands on your real estate purchase through the active seller.


-Buying a foreclosure for far below market value.


-By purchasing and investing in a foreclosed property can help the homeowner in bankruptcy or bad credit situation.


-For the investor to have the ability to purchase the property in full or in great means for the possible normal market down payment of a real estate investment for later resale at full market value with high profit margins.