High Gas Prices Fuel One Entrepreneur’s Business Dream

According to the Associated Press, not everyone across the country is complaining about the state of high gas prices. Some people, like entrepreneur Jason Toews, love the high gas prices across the country. You see, high gas prices across the nation mean big bucks for “webpreneur “Jason Toews. The higher gas prices go, the more money Jason stands to make in his online business.

Jason Toews runs an internet website at GasBuddy.com and started the site in 2000. What the website does is keep track of daily gas prices all across the United States. Volunteers help Jason run the website. The volunteers email Jason gas prices in their local area so he can add the prices to his website. According to the Associated Press report, Jason said “Hardly anybody ever used it”, speaking in regards to when the website was first put on the net.

The popularity of his website would steadily increase over the next few years. With continued rising Gas Prices, internet users flocked to his website to find the cheapest prices in their local area. By 2004, the website had one million hits each and every day.

Rising gas prices continue to concern conservationists all across the world. They fear Gas shortages could happen. Just recently, according to an Associated Press report, Southwest China has just discovered huge gas reserves. In the report, 3.8 trillion cubic metres of natural gas deposits have been discovered. This equals to about as much as 60 years worth of China’s total output of gas production. This news can definitely ease the gas concerns of the future.

With this recent discovery and the continued rise of gas prices, Jason Toews’ internet business should continue to thrive into the future. GasBuddy.com has a record of 4 million visitors in a day and this record could break soon with the steady rise of gas prices.

According to the AP report, Jason said “We have had to buy more servers and it looks like we will need more.” He also went on to say “People occasionally make false reports of unrealistically low prices. We do monitor them and we take them off and ban the person who sent it,” he said.

The GasBuddy.com website has a network of over 179 gas price sites that help consumers find the lowest gas prices. Each of the websites are operated by GasBuddy and the website claims to have “the most comprehensive listings of gas prices anywhere”. The website features many different sections that include “Historical Price Charts”, “Map Gas Prices”, “Gas Price Temperature Maps” and “Helpful Tips”.

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