Stockton, California Real Estate


Stockton is a city in California. It is the seat of San Joaquin County (the fifth largest agricultural county in US. The population of Stockton was found to be 289,927 in 2008 January. Stockton is the fifth largest city in California. Stockton is located about 90 miles from San Francisco bay. Over the past decade Stockton has seen a population boom. This influx of new residents leads to an increase in living standard and also living cost.

As far as real estate in Stockton is concerned, it is booming. Really you can find all kinds of real estate. However I must tell you that number of foreclosure property in Stockton is very high. In fact you will find more foreclosure deals those simple homes for sale. I will provide with stats as well. The number of house for sale in Stockton is 930 whereas the number of foreclosure is about 9000.


Although the main occupation of Stockton is agriculture but other fields like telecommunication and manufacturing is also very. Stockton is a unique destination which is near to cities like San Francisco as well s Sacramento. Stockton is really looking as a hot destination for those who are looking to expand their industries.


Hence you will really find that Stockton is a great destination for all type of real estate investors. Real estate agents as well as realtors are present in plenty and you will not find any difficulty in finding any real estate agents or realtors of your choice. It’s really great to experience countryside environment and you will really get it in Stockton.


I must tell you that you will be really happy and enthusiastic when you will find the Stockton real estate a great destination for whatever you like. It is a common experience that you will find a great number of real estate foreclosure deals in Stockton. In fact you will be surprised to note that number of foreclosure is very high. I would really insist the victims to go for the short sale. But I must also admit that its great if you are a real estate investors and you can buy a lots of real estate foreclosure properties. Off coarse you will be able to earn a large amount of money. I also hope that you will also be interesting in settling in Stockton. It’s really a great place to live and you will really find all kinds of houses in Stockton. You will find condos, lakefront condos, apartments, single family home and many more.


It’s great to be in Stockton. Of course you will find the vegetables very cheap in Stockton. Not only vegetables you will be able to find employment as well.